01 Series Economy Meter

The 01N is a great water or light chemical flowmeter that can attach to the end of a hose or on an in-line pipe. The battery powered electronic display is calibrated to read in litres.  Flow range is from 10 – 100 lt/min and connection ports are 1″ BSP female. The 01 series meter displays accumulative total and batch (reset) total.


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GPI G Series Precision meters

The GPI G series High Precision Meter line is the most accurate of the GPI Turbine Meters and are available in a range of sizes from ½ inch, to 3 inch diameter with connection options including NPT, BSP, ISO, ANSI flange & Sanitary Clamp fittings.

With great accuracy and excellent levels of repeatability the GPI Precision Turbines can be utilised for all water based applications. Meter construction: Stainless steel body & rotors with tungsten carbide or PTFE bearings.

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G2 Series Industrial Meters

The GPI G2 series industrial grade flowmeter meter allows you to design a meter to suit your specific application.   These meters offer high accuracy at a lower cost, are compact and include a self contained design.  These rugged and dependable flowmeters are available with local or remote LCD. Computer displays cumulative total, batch (reset) total and rate of flow.

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QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Clamp-on technology allows for ultrasonic transducers to be installed in a matter of minutes. Flow measurement is easy with the QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meter.   No need to cut or penetrate pipes. Together with the elimination of process interruptions. The Ultrasonic Flowmeters (UFMs) are the key to optimising operating costs. The contact-less measurement is virtually 100% leak-proof, 100% pressure-resistant, 100% drift-free 100% wear-free and thus maintenance-free & 100% free of pressure loss and thus energy-saving.

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TM Series Water Meters

GPI TM series water meters are accurate, economical and designed to last.  Ideal for water processing and irrigation applications. TM series water meters meet schedule 80 PVC specifications and come standard with LCD computer display.  Sizes  from 1/2″ to 4″ diameter with male (spigot) end fittings to allow universal connections.  ANSI 150 lb flanges are also available for the 3 and 4″ diameter meters.

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A1 Series Commercial Meters

GPI A1 Commercial Grade Meters are packaged as a self-contained unit. Select this meter when you need an accurate, basic meter. GPI Commercial Grade Meters come in Aluminium and Nylon. Choose one of three sizes of Aluminium meters for petroleum products. Use the Nylon meters for water or non-aggressive chemicals. The aluminium or nylon meters have a flow range from 1 – 11 lt/min and 11 – 190 lt/min with the large 2″ diameter in aluminium having a range from 114 – 1135 lt/min.

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